Welcome to the Madness!

Hallo friends, and welcome to the madness that is me on a reading binge. I have a great love of reading, and knitting, and my cat; but like I said on my “About Me” page (still working on a super cleaver name for that), I will not be bombarding you with pictures of my irritated cat wearing homemade sweaters. This blog is about books and how much I love them. I don’t have a real system for this I’m just gonna read as much as I can and write about what I read (preferably in a rather amusing manner). I have high hopes that my first book post will come soon. Hopefully it will be about a book that I have completed but it might also be about a book that I’m only half way through. Either way it’s gonna be great! Allons-y Alonzo! We’re going on an adventure! let's go I'm pumped


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