Me Before You – JoJo Moyes

Why do authors insist on hurting me? How dare books make me… feel! Ugh, All the feels! Me Before You is intense and I definitely liked the book more than I liked the film. I saw the movie a few weeks ago with a coworker and she unfortunately spoiled the end for me so I entered both the film and the book knowing exactly how miserable I would be when I left.

What made this book special is watching the characters grow and develop as they get to know each other. A, previously very active, Will Traynor is now confined to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic and hating every second of it. That is until the very colorful and energetic Louisa Clark enters his life as a caretaker. Their adventures change how both of them view life and each other. Both of them had lives that were once full of possibility until one event changed them forever. Louisa is forced to become adventurous as she tries to convince Will that his life has not ended because he’s in a wheelchair. There is  vulnerability in both characters that drew me in and made sure that I was completely committed to their stories.

As much as I loved the film (I will definitely be purchasing it) it only scratched the surface. The film adaptation whitewashed a lot of the characters, making them far less complex than they were in the novel. In the film you don’t fully understand why Louisa has confined herself to the small town. In the book she is hiding dark secrets that only Will can help her come to terms with. Even Will’s parents are portrayed differently. In the film they seem to have a strong marriage in spite of what has happened to their son, while in the book they also struggle with demon’s that put a strain on their relationships with those around them. Like many film adaptations, the movie is like the tip of the iceberg. One triumph was the films depiction of Louisa’s style. The book only briefly described exactly how colorful she is while the film make her FABULOUS! I want all of her clothes. When I told my coworker this she laughed and said “Of course you do… SHE IS YOU!”

I cannot wait to pick up the sequel and only hope that Moyes gives these characters a happy ending.

Look at her! She’s so freaking cute! I want her wardrobe so badly!

Moyes, Jojo. Me before You. New York, NY: Pamela Dorman /Viking, 2012. Print.


One thought on “Me Before You – JoJo Moyes

  1. It would be a real cinematic challenge to improve on this film. I adored every minute of it. But be warned. The trailer for Me Before You (2016) promises a sweet romantic comedy but the film is an emotionally challenging confrontation with the moral dilemmas of assisted dying.


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