Book to Film: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

My second post was about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I recall being surprisingly enchanted by the delightful satire that pits Lizzie Bennet and Mr. Darcy against a hoard of the undead. The film was just as delightful, if majorly different. I’m not entirely sure that it was based on the book, considering how many changes were made to the plot.

Staring Lily James as Lizzie, Sam Riley as Darcy, Jack Huston as Wickham, and Matt Smith as Mr. Collins, I was very pleased with the casting choices. Sam Riley is no Colin Firth but he holds his own as a battle worn Darcy facing a seemingly endless war (they also totally make fun of Colin Firth’s Lake scene. Perfection!). Lily James shines as Lizzie and, had this been an adaptation of Jane Austen’s original novel, she would still have been the perfect Lizzie. My true favorite from the film was Matt Smith’s Mr. Collins. I am a fan of Smith from his tenure as the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who, and he brings the same charm to his role in this film. He is uptight and utterly unaware of how ridiculous he is and makes me roar with laughter every time he is on screen. Also he and Lily James are an adorable couple, just saying.

The plot on the other hand takes a completely different direction. Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel takes a new point of view while still hitting all of the major plot points of the original text. This film adaptation definitely Hollywoodized Grahame-Smith’s original concept. I was slightly disappointed with how much was excluded from the original plot to make way for epic battles and zombies that are suddenly intelligent. There is no visit to Pemberley, no Georgianna Darcy, minimal visits to London and Lady Catherine De Bourgh fails to maintain her disdain for Lizzie. While these changes were slightly disappointing, there were a few that I very much appreciated. Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collin’s reach more positive ending and Mr. Bingly’s utter disability to appear as a masculine soldier is simply adorable.

All in all, this film was an interesting experience. There were parts I loved and parts that simply confused me. It may not be a great movie, it might not even be a good movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and think that it is the perfect watch if you want something that doesn’t require a lot of brain power.



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