Globe on Screen: The Tempest

I am spending my weekend dog sitting for a couple friends from work and I decided that it was a good idea to take advantage of the fact that they have AN ACTUAL TV. Speaking as an adult who currently spend my evenings watching Netflix from my laptop on the same twin bed I’ve had since I grew out of my crib, this is a wonderful opportunity. Thanks to my brother’s overly generous birthday gift I have recently come into possession of a DVD copy of The Globe Theatre’s production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This particular performance has been on my watch list for a long time and I have been putting it off for a while because my filthy laptop screen is just not good enough when watching a Globe Production.

I am very pleased that I waited until I had access to a decent sized screen to experience this. It was very well done and I am pleased to give it my Barnaby stamp of approval (not that my stamp means very much… yet). It was a particularly interesting prouction because it had some asp


Roger Allam as Prospero 

ects that I would generally associate with a musical. I’m not saying that the cast was repeatedly nursing into upbeat, precisely choreographed musical numbers. I’m saying that every once in a while singing was incorporated in a extremely clever way. These songs were generally reserved for Ariel and his fellow spirits though a couple were given to the comic relief. By having Ariel’s spirits perform most of the singing the incorporation of music enhances the sense of wonder that Ariel’s character is meant to provide.

Because the Director, Jeremy Herrin, decided to stick with the long tradition of using minimalistic sets at The Globe, the story heavily relied on the cast who carried it majestically. Roger Allam (V for Vendetta) leads the cast as Prospero, the betrayed Duke of Milan whose been marooned on an Island with his daughter Miranda. Prospero spends the years feeding his hatred while he develops skills as a sorcerer.  Allan portrays this bitter revenge seeking magician with gusto as he learns the meaning of forgiveness and redemption.


Colin Morgan as Ariel 

Prospero’s right hand spirit, Ariel, is played by Colin Morgan (BBC’s Merlin). I have to admit that he was part of the reason I wanted to see this production so badly. I have been a big fan of his since my King Arthur class in college introduced me to his show. He takes on a slightly different role as the soft spoken servant of Prospero. Morgan plays a variety of roles within the play as Ariel transforms himself to suit the needs of his master. I adore Morgan in this role. He is the perfect combination of powerful and timid.

Overall, this production was enchanting. The Tempest has long been a favorite of mine and it has been a pleasure to see it done proper justice in the Jeremy Herrin’s rendition for The Globe. It included moments of tender sympathy and moments of sheer hilarity (several of these moments surround a red horn shapes palace protruding from the clowns pants BTW). Once again my mind has been blown by the pure genius that is William Shakespeare. I’ve got a few more Globe productions on my list, so stay tuned.

Tomorrow is Halloween which is the first day of spirit week as my school. Therefor I will be doing a special post every day to display my school spirit. I fully intend on going all out so prepare yourselves for some awesome. The theme for each day is as follows:

Monday: Halloween Costumes

Tuesday: Camouflage

Wednesday: Sports

Thursday: Patriotic

Friday: Pajama



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