Dorktastic Dress-up: Hobbit Outfit Number 1

I know that it is no longer spirit week, and I know that I haven’t posted an actual book review to my book review blog in a long time, but I just cannot resist throwing myself into whichever unit I’m teaching. For my Poe unit last month I had a couple t-shirts that I threw on. For The Hobbit I’m pushing it a smidge further.  I have a rather large collection of Tolkien themed clothing that I cycle through while teaching this masterpiece. Yes, I get rather over enthusiastic when presented with a topic as nerdy as Tolkien. And yes my enthusiasm has already resulted in me having a heated debate with an 8th grader about the proper pronunciation of Smaug (it’s smOWg not smOg. Tolkien wrote a pronunciation guide and “au” is definitely a diphthong that combines two vowel sounds to make one the OW sound!). The point is… that I will out nerd my eighth graders all day long and they can correct my Middle Earth pronunciation the day they take a linguistics class that thoroughly covers the phonetic alphabet! Whew… I need to stop getting so worked up about this. The real point is that as long as I’m teaching something I love, I will have as much fun as possible. Even if my students aren’t enjoying my unit, I most definitely will.

Below you will see my Middle Earth map sweatshirt paired with my Hobbit book cover earrings.



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