Dare, A Poem

You sit upon the highest of horses,
And judge those born with less than yourself.
You draw line, after line, after line.
Lines in the sand, and lines on paper;
Lines that become walls.
Lines that separate you from them,
Lines that cross out promises.
Promises that you never intended to keep.
Lies ooze from the house that you have shamed;
The House that once stood tall and proud,
Now stands stained a sickly shade of orange.
Money runs thicker than your blood.
You measure the world in money,
You measure the people around you in money.
You fill your life with money,
While many lose theirs, for a lack of the same.
Everyone has a right to learn.
Everyone has a right to be healthy.
No one has the right to take these away.
You seek power
You seek control
Control of yourself and control of others,
Control of time, control of news,
Control of the air we breathe.
Your birds fly around the world to betray you
What you think is intelligence
Is seen as idiocy
You dare to claim more than what has been given
You dare to bring hatred to this country;
You dare to divide your fellow man.
You dare to ask me to be something that I’m not.
I not quiet, or nasty or an object for your entertainment.
I am bold, I am daring;
I am a force to be reckoned with.
I am one of many.

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