Crazy Cat lady

I had a conversation with a student yesterday that really made me think. Why is it weird or sad for a woman to love their cat but it’s fine for everyone else to love their dog? I adore my cat. He came into my life at a very difficult time and has been my constant companion/ personal space heater ever since. It was his birthday over the weekend and I decided to spoil him by getting him one of those suction cup window seats. When my kids asked what I did over that weekend I told them, and I was met with a sea of eyes that told me I was living a sad life. That I was doomed to miserable and alone for the rest of my life… because I love my cat and got him something special (he absolutely adores his new window bed by the way).

I am generally proud of being considered a crazy cat lady. I love all animals, but my life is just better suited for cats. Why does that make my life a sad story? Why is it alright for dog owners to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on beds, toys, and clothing for their pets, but when I do the same thing (not that I spend hundreds of dollars) it’s considered sad and is met with pity or laughter?

This question is most often met with: “But dogs are more loyal! Cats are mean. Cats don’t care about you. Dogs are just better.” Yes, there are a good number of cats out there that would rather be left alone and aren’t considered the nicest animals. But dogs can also be mean. Dogs can also be less than loyal. All you doing is lumping all dogs into one category because you had a good experience with one, and all cats into one category because you had a bad experience.

My cat, Sootie, is a total sweetheart. He greets me at the door every day when I get home and loves to cuddle more than anything. He does not hold grudges against me after I’ve had to clip is claws or give him eye drops. He is a wonderful ball of fluff, and my life is infinitely better because of him. Believe me when I say that I was truly miserable when I came home to a completely empty apartment every day.  I know that people act the same way about dogs and are met with agreement and adoration. So why are cat people the odd ones out?

Just think about it. And give my cat a chance. He’s pretty darn great.



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