Theatre Review: Rumors A Play By Neil Simon; Performed by Theatrikos In Flagstaff

Last night I had the privilege of seeing Flagstaff, Arizona’s local theatre company, Theatrikos, perform Neil Simon’s farce Rumors. Rumors is a play about a 10th wedding anniversary of the Deputy Mayor of New York, Charlie Brock and his wife. As the first guests arrive they hear a gunshot coming from the house. Inside they find Charlie with a bullet hole in his left ear lobe. The remainder of the play consists of a completely ridiculous attempt to hide what has happened from the other party guests, who continue to show up throughout the first act.

Local theatre is a wonderful part of any community and I am particularly proud of Flagstaff’s Theatrikos Company. With direction from Northern Arizona University professor Dr. Mac Groves the cast shines as overdramatic wealthy people. The action is fast paced and every actor was able to keep up with the plot, the other cast members and the audience’s reactions. There was non stop laughter as alcohol is consumed is copious amounts, food is dropped across the stage and a man loses his hearing for a bulk of the first act.

The actors fed off each other to create a well rounded performance that features seasoned veterans of the stage and some new faces. There is clear chemistry between the various couples on stage and the timing of every joke keeps the laughter consistent throughout the story. I would like to give a special shout out to my fellow teacher and friend, Kyle Haynes, who made his theatrical debut as one of the disgruntled police officers that comes to investigate several complaints from Charlie’s house. Since last nights show was a preview and the fist performance of Rumors in Flagstaff, I think it can only get better. There were a few stumbles that are expected in live theatre but that cast carried them beautifully.

Well done Theatrikos. Well done in deed.



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