That Awkward Moment…

When one student requests a Shakespeare club at school, so you start one to see if there would be interest, and 20 FREAKING KIDS SHOW UP to the first meeting, and 5 MORE SHOW UP TO THE SECOND. Here are just a few things that have gone through my head over the last week:

“Welp… I was expecting five members max but this is fine too…”

“WOW he actually wrote an election speech to become president…”

“Please vote for him. Please vote for him.”

“Yes they voted for him!”

“I’m so sorry that you didn’t get elected, but the club does not need an assistant secretary, or a field trip specialist, or an official janitor. I do not need, nor want a personal assistant, thank you very much.”

“The position of Almighty Overlord has already been taken… by me… of course”

“Shakespeare Club is Snap Chat famous apparently”

“Apparently I have to meet my officers during lunch to discuss… tactics… why do we need tactics? It’s Shakespeare club for lords sake!”

“How on earth did my treasurer already raise ten dollars?! We don’t even have something to spend it on yet!”

“So my president has taken a survey and all the kids want to do Hamlet for our first play… this is gonna go so well. I hope they realize that it’s a bit more intense than The Lion King” 

“No we are not watching The Lion King, you guys chose Hamlet and we are watching Hamlet, Dang it!”

“My officers have decided that they are now called Shakespeare’s Squad”

“Why are there more of you?! I need to set a limit for number of members cause this is getting ridiculous”

“I said you could bring snacks for the movie… who paid for those five pizzas?”

“Oh look soda, popcorn and cookies too…”

“Maybe we do need a club janitor”

“Why yes, Hamlet is confusing”

“You actually like this movie?”

“You actually love this movie?!”

“A student just thanked me for starting a Lit Club…”

“I need to find a place to get club shirts…”

“I’m excited for next week too… but lets tone down the snacks just a bit”

“This was a good decision”


I definitely have this on a shirt and the kids want this on their official club shirts as well


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