What Is Mine

My period is mine, you get no part in it

My period means that I bleed for one week

One week every month

Blood means injury

injury means rest, time off,

Taking a moment to pause

to get a bandage

My period means the opposite

My period means pain

It means not being able to stand

It means ruined clothes and stress

Stress that I won’t be able to make it to the restroom

Stress that I will embarrass myself

Embarrass myself because of something natural

Something as natural to me as breathing is to you

My period means shame

Shame that I have to take my purse to the restroom

Shame that I am depressed

Shame that I am anxious

My access to birth control means power

Power over my weakness

Power comes from one small pill

That pill means that I know when my period happens

That pill means that my clothes aren’t ruined

That pill means that I am in less pain

So that I take fewer painkillers

So that I can do my job

That pill means that young girls don’t have to choose

Choose between a baby and an education

Between dreams and nightmares

My body is mine

the way your body is yours

And I promise

To never judge you

To never tell you what to do with your body

If you promise

To never tell me what to do with mine




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