Book Review: You Are Here by Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson gets me. She has a way of reaching into my life and plucking out all of my insecurities, and making them seem small in the big picture of my life. She is someone who doodles. She is someone who doodles when she is anxious, or stressed, or depressed. She has taken things that are born during her darkest moments and has turned them into something truly beautiful. She has created a COLORING BOOK!

I love coloring books! I love the innocence that comes with coloring. There is a feeling of release when I spend a few minutes turning something black and white into something bursting with color. I am not an artist. Not even close! and coloring is the closest I will ever get to creating art. I feel truly relaxed when I am infusing a sheet of paper with color, and Jenny Lawson has helped turn this into a true form of therapy.

Every drawing is an original and she combines them with quotes and short essays. Some are thoughtful and some are rants that follow her wonderfully random train of thought. Every quote jumps off the page and reaches into your soul. Everyone has their dark moments and Jenny’s art cuts through the darkness like a knife, creating sudden and glorious bursts of light. Her quotes are honest in a way that everyone can appreciate, and her scattered use of profanity is refreshing and amusing. You don’t find random cursing in very many coloring books…or whales with guns. AND IT’S GLORIOUS!

Thank you so much Jenny Lawson fro touching my life once again and showing me that it can be dark but there is always light to be found. And there is always someone who has it better.


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