Board Game Review: Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s birthday was on April 23 and my kiddos in Shakespeare Club decided to throw a birthday party for him at our Thursday meeting. So last week while I was looking on Amazon for a birthday gift for my brother (love ya bro) I found two Shakespeare themed board games. Upon unwrapping these board games it became very clear that I would not be bringing them to the party (too many little pieces and too complicated). However I did get to play one of them with my friend Tori and it was particularly enjoyable.

Shakespeare The Board Game was created by Ystari Games. The basic premise is to put on a play in six days. You have to hire actors and stage workers and the player with the most prestige points at the end of the game wins. There are several rounds each day and you earn prestige points for a number of different reasons. Overall this is a very enjoyable game that challenges the players mentally. Initially I was skeptical because it does take some time to set up the game and it can be difficult to keep all of the steps straight in my head. I am sure that after playing a few more times I will get the hang of it and I will defeat Tori!!!!!



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