I Have Returned!

So I have been a bit off the radar when it comes to posting. I know that I don’t have very many followers but I want  you all to know that I have missed sharing my experiences with you so much. But fear not! Summer has begun which means that my official blogging season has begun. As this last school year progressed it became too difficult for me to keep up with my blog and I want to apologize for that. The school year ended in complete chaos and I was working two jobs. I am taking some time this summer to restructure my life so that I have more time to do what I enjoy (reading and blogging). This restructure includes moving to a cheaper place so my second job is no longer necessary, leaving said second job so I have more free time to focus on fun things (already done! though it was heart breaking to leave all the wonderful people I had the opportunity to work with), and taking a vacation so that I can get healthy (I literally spent the last month and a half of school sick). And now that these things are underway I can finally get back to my book review.

I already have a couple of articles in the works but I think I’ll take today to tell you about the adventure/ ordeal/ odyssey of getting to my parents house for my brief vacation. My wonderful parents live in a very small town called Sequim (pronounced Squim). It’s up in northern Washington right on the Olympic Peninsula, and if you stand on the exact right spot on the beach your phone will get a text saying “Welcome To Canada!”. This is the moment when you look out at the sliver of land on the horizon and think “Canada is over there… I hope I’m not getting billed for international texts because I’m standing on the exact right spot on the beach”. It’s a quaint little town that is affectionately called The Blue Hole. This name come from some atmospheric phenomenon  in which the mountains essentially block the weather and Sequim gets a fraction of the amount of rainfall that the rest of the state does. (I’m sorry for that terrible explanation but I don’t actually know what I’m talking about). I love this little town that my parents have retired too, but it is a pain in the ass to get here.

I showed a couple of weeks ago and it takes a plane, train, automobile, boat and a decent about of walking to get to the house. My travel day started at about 5:30 in the morning because I live in Flagstaff, Arizona which means that getting to the airport take a good chunk of my morning. I boarded the Arizona Shuttle to Phoenix at 5:30 and arrived at said airport at about 8:30. My flight left Phoenix at 11:35 and landed in Seattle at 2:30 pm. at this point I have used 2 of the 6 required modes of transportation.

I then take the A train from SeaTac to Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle (this takes about 40 minutes). I then take a ten minutes walk to the Seattle Ferry Terminal (if your counting this makes 4 modes of transportation). I was quite proud of myself because I managed to get to the terminal at 3:42 pm for the ferry destined to leave at 3:45 WHOOOOOO! The ferry ride lasts about 20-30 minutes and then my loving parents are waiting to pick me up at the Bainbridge Island Ferry Terminal for the final leg of my journey which is an hour-long drive to the house.

Needless to say this journey is exhausting and takes an entire day, and I always make sure my visit last a week MINIMUM. Luckily the atmosphere waiting at the other end of this journey makes this one exhausting day totally worth it. I am slated to complete this entire journey in reverse this Thursday so wish me luck on my return voyage. There is no other word for it its a damn voyage.

Please stay tuned for more posts This week I will be posting about my experience at Wonder Woman 3D, and Fredrick Backman’s new novel A Man Called Ove. 


Photo: “Purple Haze”; Jeffrey Murray. A Lavender farm in Sequim, Washington